Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use my XP for?

You can cash in your XP for physical rewards such as game cards, official SG gear or even use it to boost your live stream/channel

How do I transfer my XP to another account?

Bummer, this isn't possible at the moment. Any XP earned is non transferable. 

What size is the background image?

It’s best size your cover photos to 1098 x 441

How do I add links to my social accounts?

You do this by clicking on the 'edit profile' button under your 'about me' tab in your profile.

How do I make a Krew?

To make a Krew you simply click the downward arrow at the far right account menu and select ‘create a krew’.

How do I block other Savages?

You can block a Savage by clicking on the cog icon in the top right of their cover photo.

How do I check-in to a game?

You can tell the world what you’re currently playing or talking about by clicking the cross hair icon in the bottom left of the feed post box and selecting the game you want to check-in to from there.

How do I add games to my page?

You can do this simply by selecting the 'I own this' button, on the game page itself or from other people’s game collections. 

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