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SavageGamers is a new social network dedicated to hardcore gamers. Make new friends, organize your own clan, share game play and more. The only difference is all of our members have a mutual love for violent, gory, obscene and profane games! We're like Facebook on crack! (don't do drugs kids) 



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SavageGamers has a vision of creating a unique online network, exclusively for Hardcore Gamers. We have been in development for a few years and are 100% self funded. We don't make any money from running this site, all of our advertisement revenue gets put right back into building it. The best way to help promote SavageGamers is by word of mouth. But if you want to help us out even more, consider purchasing your games through our Game Directory, or sponsoring ad space on our site!


About The Staff

Founder & Lead Developer

Vanessa (gothixmodel) is a former Miss Horrorfest Finalist, Reality Star and model.  With an existing love for guts, gore and video games, she started this site with the hopes of creating a hub for gamers who are equally as insane as her. When she is not the conquering ruler of SG,  she is at home getting crunk with a bottle of wine - while relaxing with her dog, Axl.

Twitter @ gothixmodel | Twitch @ gothixmodel | Instagram @ gothixmodel



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